The Brownsville Independent School District is taking extra steps to improve the air quality inside their schools.

BISD officials say all of their school cafeterias are receiving air purifiers to continue their efforts to stop the coronavirus spread.

“We put the kids through here all day in the morning and for supper,” Sharp Elementary Principle Dr. Timothy Cuff said. “For our kids that stay extended day and tutorial. So the cafeteria is used quite a bit [throughout] the day.”

Director of health services for Brownsville ISD Alonso Guerrero says the new air purifiers will help keep their students healthy. Gerry said the District was averaging 200 to 300 COVID-19 cases a week when the school started. However, last week the number of positive cases was down to just 20.

“When we bought these machines, we didn’t just want to limit ourselves that it will help with COVID-19. We wanted to make sure it was also helping with the other diseases,” Guerrero said. “Other viruses out there. So that we ensure the safety of our kids in the long run.”

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